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Testimonials have been provided by clients who have agreed for their views to be showcased on my website. If you have a testimonial you would like to add then please get in touch! You can add your own via our contact page. We will add your statement within a few days of recieving and approving your comment.

Thank you.

Alan Caithness, Glassford.

After years of hearing other success stories about the benefits of hypnotherapy to help in the process of kicking bad habits, I finally decided to give it a go.
I was always a little sceptical about this kind of thing, but after a brief search on Google, I decided to e mail Julie Sarah Fallow. I had almost forgot that I had e mailed her, then the phone rang and we spent a bit of time chatting. I already felt the urge to quit after speaking with Julie for less than 10 minutes. I arranged an appointment for the following week. Julie arrived at my home and we both sat down to begin our session. We had a detailed discussion about my life in general, then it was time to move on to the hypnotherapy. I was aware of everything that was said to me and to be honest, was still a bit worried that it wouldn't work.
However it has now been 9 days since our session, and the thought of going back to the old ways is as far from my mind as I ever thought possible.
Julie is a very relaxed professional person, who fills you with confidence from the word go.

Vikki Cowie, Carstairs Village.

I no longer have issues like before about eating, I feel lighter both in body and mind. I'm glad I plucked up the courage to contact you, Thank you so much.

Sadie McGrath, Cambuslang.

I just wanted to thank you for the sessions. They have helped me a lot. I still haven't had any chocolate and the weight is still coming off. To anyone wanting to try Hypnotherapy, I am recommending Julie.

Dot Clark, Milngavie.

I contacted Julie Fallow with regards to help with weight loss. Julie is very easy to talk to, and I felt completely at ease during our sessions. Over the next few weeks, I was able to understand what my triggers were, and use the techniques that Julie devised for me to make healthy choices with my diet. I certainly recognise some of my traits now, and prevent them running away from me.

A.M.C, Motherwell.

I enjoyed my Hypnotherapy sessions with Julie Sarah fallow. She was most professional and experienced, taking time to get to know my requirements before beginning a personalised treatment plan. I started off wanting help with weight loss, but through our in depth consultation at the beginning of our sessions, I benefitted from a holistic approach to making appropriate choices in healthy eating, exercise, relaxation and general well being. Julie's hypnotherapy manor was very calming and relaxing, enabling me to focus on specific goals to improve my health and fitness. I am happy to recommend her services.

Nicole, Glasgow.

I originally planned on seeing Julie as I was nervous going through certain kinds of dental work, I was recommended by my dentist to see her. After a couple of sessions I began to notice how I felt different approaching the surgery itself and the 'impending doom' feeling minimised each time.

In between my appointments with Julie we sadly lost two close family members, in the space of a week, and she was able to provide me with tools that helped keep me focused. During our sessions I felt relaxed and for the rest of the day was almost 'upbeat' in a way that I couldn't describe - but all in positive ways. I did feel instantly lighter - as though the weight had been lifted off me for a while. I thoroughly believe it helped.

I know if I were to have a problem with any fear or difficulty that I would most definitely speak with Julie again.

Although I had originally seen Julie about dental issues I thoroughly believe she helped me in many other ways, including in helping me treat panic attacks. Shortly after we had two losses in our family my panic attacks, which I had avoided for about a year, came back. With the help of Julie and her self hypnosis tips I have been able to put them all back into practice and know that I will beat them once again.

Happily recommend!